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In an ever-changing financial world, new challenges and opportunities are offered every day. Peter Boyle Solicitors will review your financial investment proposal from a legal perspective, taking into account the legal and compliance risks and the desire to protect your investment.  Peter will work with your investment advisor, accountant and tax advisor in order to give you the best independent legal advice in relation to your investment. 

At Peter Boyle & Co. Solicitors, we can provide comprehensive legal and regulatory due diligence and advice in relation to your investment, by reviewing the following legal documentation

  • Memorandums and Articles of Association
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Prospectuses
  • Term sheets
  • Offering memorandums
  • Investment agreements
  • Subscription agreements
  • Put and call option agreements

Following the due diligence review, Peter will discuss the legal and regulatory issues with you and take your instructions as to how you want to proceed.  If you are at the initial proposal stage, we can help negotiate the legal agreements to ensure that your concerns are dealt with, safe guards and protections or certain targets, milestones or crystallisation events are included in the legal agreements governing your investment.  If you have already invested are looking for legal remedies to protect or realise your investment, Peter Boyle solicitors can advise you of your legal options including dispute resolution and or litigation.

NB. Peter Boyle & Co. Solicitors and agents, do not provide, and are not authorised to provide ‘investment advice’ as defined in the Central Bank Investment Act. In our capacity as solicitors, we are happy to review legal documentation and give legal opinions and advice.

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